Don’t you find it strange that BASF, the chemical corporation, has
started producing potatoes? Well, get used to it because this is only
the beginning of the new world of GMOs, a world where everything is
possible. Amflora, this is the name of the BASF branded genetically
modified potato, has been recently introduced on the European market and
is only the first of several foods that will reach our tables. The
approval occurred in silence thanks to the energetic intervention of the
European Commissionaire for health and consumer politics (who
theoretically is supposed to protect our health) despite European
citizens and several Member States have expressed many times their
contrariety to GMO cultivation. But what are GMOs? Basically the term
applies to organisms in which new genetic traits are introduced in order
to change and improve specific characteristics. In other words, it
would be as if we would introduce in ourselves some genes of a penguin
to deal better with cold. Despite we are told that GMOs are a safe
scientific miracle and that they will allow defeating world hunger, the
truth is profoundly different: GMOs are a sophisticated but risky way to
alter nature which is useful basically only for industries in order to
increase profits to the detriment of our own health and the one of our
The reasons to doubt about GMOs are several. First of all
it’s impossible to isolate GMO cultivations from normal and biological
ones. There are no natural barriers able to assure the separation of
cultivations and thus with time we run the risk to transform all
agriculture in a genetically modified business. GMO cultivations don’t
enrich nature but, to the contrary, they impoverish it because they
initiate an artificial “selection”. The risks for human health are still
largely unknown and for this reason we need to be extremely cautious.
New allergens and resistance to antibiotics are probably only the tip of
the iceberg. Years will be needed, as usual, to fully understand the
effects of an intervention that deeply alters an element that is so
essential for life: food. If this would at least help defeat world’s
hunger! The limited available data say exactly the opposite: since the
introduction of GMOs 15 years ago, hunger in the world has constantly
increased together with the multi-billion dollar profits of food
industries. OGMs are part of a distorted vision of the world and of the
market in which profits are placed in front of everything else and are
no longer an opportunity of development but a risk of destruction. The
same distorted and short-sighted vision is found in the medical field
where everything is controlled by pharma industry which often shares not
only values but also capitals with the multinational corporations of
food. One has the doubt to be hostage of a market that poisons us in
order to sell us a cure.

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